Val Grande National Park
The largest wilderness area in Italy and the Alps.
Silence dominates in these unparalleled valleys where nature reigns supreme. Among the broad-leaved vegetation the spectacular blooming of rhodo-dendron, narcissus, Liliaceae, orchids and flowering broom, heather and juniper is remarkable.

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    Oasi faunistica del Monterosa
The valley here is dominated by the immense spec-tacular east face of Monte Rosa with Macugnaga, a charming alpine vil-lage, testimony to the ancient traditions and culture of the Walser population, spread out below. Hiking trails through a landscape dotted with enchanting alpine flora invite the visitor to experience nature’s charms and discover the wonders found in the protected area of the Oasi Fau-nistica.

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    Alpe Veglia
With peaks reaching an altitude of 3500 metres this
Alp, - which can be reached from Varzo, Trasquera
and San Domenico - offers breathtaking views dominated
by larches, brushwood and an enormous variety
of alpine flora. Known as the richest mineralogical
area in Italy, it is crossed by the second highest
natural mineral water spring in Europe.

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    Alpe Devero
Alpe Devero is known as the “Flowering Alp” and represents
one of the most picturesque spots in the Alps.
Its diversified natural environment, the variety of rocky
substratum and the presence of extended marshlands
and peatbogs are the main reasons for the wealth
of alpine flora found here which even includes small
carnivorous species. The entrance to the park is at

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